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Welcome to my webpage!

Mit Sicherheit kann ich sagen, dass ich ein wenig Muffensausen habe, während ich das hier schreibe. Mein erster Beitrag!

For some this may sound slightly absurd, but for me it is a great step towards the future. Until now I have kept all my stories to myself and waited a long time until I finally decided that now is the time to share them with others. Suddenly many things go through your head. Is anybody even interested in my stories? Is anybody even going to read this post, or has the only reader already stopped at the second sentence?

Of course I cannot know for sure - but who does not dare, will not win!

With these honest thoughts I welcome you to my webpage! I am very happy about your visit and your interest in my stories. Writing is a passion that I follow every day and will now finally share.

This page is not only meant to always keep you updated about my old books or new releases, but also to let you be part of my writing process. To share with you the thoughts that guide me while writing. The challenges and most beautiful moments that occure while writing a story. And of course my biggest motivation hereby is to inspire other readers and writers out there!

I am excited about what the future holds and am glad to be able to share it with you.

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